Monday, April 19, 2010

Miami University Student Foundation Triathlon

I participated in the Miami University Student Foundation Triathlon over the weekend. It was a great event. Everything seemed so well planned and thought out. The facilities were great. I especially loved swimming in the 50 meter pool. Here at the "Y" we only have a 25 yard pool and it gets tiresome turning around all the time.

The volunteers at the event were helpful. I had asked a couple of questions of the volunteers and they had the answers and were cheerful in their response. Along the course it was nice to have them cheer us on. Even the participants who finished before me were there to cheer me on! All in all it was a great event.

I trained long and hard for this event. I awoke early many days a week training in the cold and sometimes snow and rain. On the day of the event I swam hard, rode hard, and ran hard. In fact, I was imagining that it was my best run ever. Therefore, I eagerly awaited the posting of the results.

Saturday afternoon I check the website, no results. Saturday night? Nope. I awoke early on Sunday morning, no results. Now I am starting to have mixed feelings about the event. I check again Sunday afternoon, photos!

The photos are great. What a nice addition to the race to have our pictures taken as we cross the finish line. But where are the results?

There was a set of train tracks that ran through the middle of the course. They had warned us before the race began that CSX was not cooperating and there existed the possibility of a train interrupting the race. They promised that if it did happen all those involved would have their times adjusted accordingly. Just as I crossed the tracks, I could hear the bell begin to ring and the crossing gate go down. Was that the hold up with the results?

Finally, Sunday evening the results get posted and what do I find? There it was in three large capital letters, DNF. Did Not Finish?? Was it a dream? I realize I only had 3 hours sleep on Friday night. As I was loading the van on Friday night I discovered a broken spoke. A quick trip to the bike shop for a new one solved that problem, but then I popped my tube. This time off to Wal-Mart because the bike shop had long since closed. Eventually I got the van loaded and off to bed by midnight. The next morning (or was it still night time) it was a long 2 and a half hour drive to Oxford, OH. I may have been a little sleepy, but I clearly remember the great time I had at the event. The course, the volunteers, the spectators, the participants, and all that training made for a great event.

DNF? No, I am sure I was there. My sore legs know I was there. And, the photo shows me crossing the finish line.

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Marie Hatch Chambers said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! That is a bummer.