Friday, May 09, 2014

Subaru Tune-Up

I just wanted to share a tidbit I learned while tuning up the Subaru this week.  This information is specifically for a 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback, but I am sure it applies to other similar models and years.

Our Subaru has been running a little sluggish lately so I decided to replace the the spark plugs and wires.  After all the car is 15 years old and it has over 100k miles so it couldn't hurt.

I started with the left side of the engine and quickly discovered there is not a lot of room to work.  There is only about 3 inches of clearance between the side of the engine and the frame rails on the car.  In order to get the tools on the plug I had to put the socket on the plug first, then attached the extension rod (of just the right length, not too long or not too short), and then attach the ratchet.  After all was hooked up it then became apparent that I would not be able to swing the rachet. The air filter and other cable runs are in the way.  I ended up removing the air filter housing.  It made it a difficult, time consuming job, but I eventually conquered.

On the right side of the engine there are so many other obstacles like the battery and washer fluid reservoir that I decided to scope out the access from the bottom of the car.  Bingo!  That's where you need to do the work.  There is nothing in the way when working from underneath the car.  There is still very little clearance on the sides, but you are able to get a full swing on your rachet.

TIL: When doing a tune-up on your Subaru, start from underneath the car.