Friday, May 12, 2006

Photo Friday - Masterpiece

Every Friday I anticipate the email from Photo Friday announcing the challenge for the week. I have never submitted a photo before, but I enjoy browsing the photos of others.

After discovering the challenge each week, I like to anticipate the kind of photos that others will submit. Sometimes I can guess pretty well what to expect. Sometimes I cannot. Almost always there are many who submit photos of flowers. Somehow flowers always relate to the challenge. This Friday was different.

The challenge for today is 'Masterpiece.' I immediately expected to see the traditional classic works of art, the Mona Lisa, David, etc. As I browsed the photos, there were many of those 'masterpieces.' There were also many buildings. One by one I began to notice that most of the submissions were photos of man-made items. I shouldn't have been surprised. I actually expected it. However, I realized the greatest 'masterpiece' of them all was missing, God's greatest creation.

So today, I make my first submission to Photo Friday. Enjoy.

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